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title::         Tecnological / Informational Sprawl
medium :: dry (soft) pastel on watercolor paper
size ::       
51"x38" (~1.3M  x 1M)

2d/3d Drawing in its various forms: dry pastel on watercolor paper, 3d print, 3d renderings, reflective film blouse on a hanger.  Drawings are about extreme suburbanization perpetuated by the widespread access to information through technological progress.  The first drawing is a depiction of the building's shell being propped by a stick, if it wasn't for the flimsy prop the structure would have fallen apart.  The second drawing is a cross section of the shell - an occupied space with attributes of a dwelling.  The image brings to mind physiology of the muscle tissue, which is filled with activity and oxygen enriched blood supply.  Third drawing is an attempt to understand the edge conditions.  With such pervasive sprawl of some areas it has become increasingly difficult to delineate between various zones.  Edges blur.  Hard edges, soft edges, city edges, and building edges all intertwine and merge.  This installation addresses issues of: environmental disconnect: sprawl and poor city planning; exploitation of resources albeit the existence of the virtual connection.  These series of drawings suggest the collapse of the old establishment and creation of the new.

title::         Happiness Portal (PRIVATE COLLECTION)
medium :: dry (soft) pastel on watercolor paper
size ::       24
"x18" (61 x 46cm)

I made this series of drawings for my friends, for their wedding day, it was a surprise for them, it was intriguing for me to make work for a specific client in mind.  It is awesome to see my work hang in their living room. 
HAPPINESS PORTAL (middle): TOGETHER FROM NOW ON is rather self-explanatory: it is about love and a new home together; it is about a new window into their joined life, it is about a shelter built together.
HAPPINESS PORTAL (right):  SOLITUDE is a suggestion and a personal desire that one wants to be alone, yet together; a person wants to be connected, yet independent.  I love staring out the window, in this case it is a space without bounds with a sky-lite a view of the boundless universe.
HAPPINESS PORTAL (left): MY HOME IS MY FORTRESS, I FEEL PROTECTED WHEN IT NURTURES.  I want to believe they build a strong future for themselves.  It is the earth that provides shelter, it is the sheltered who make hearth.  We look into the warmth of whats beyond the windows, we see the nurturing breasts, we see the wall of protection.  Everything is a background and only the ideas that take shape come forward and are present before us.

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