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2d-3d hi-Tech digital art

I work in various media, but I have my favorites: dry pastel & 3-d print.  There are some similarities between 3-d print and dry pastel.  The main similarities are the most fundamental – they are both powder based; they are both media for drawing.  3-d printing machine lets powder in infinitesimally small layers of powder dust.  Even though the process is mechanic, it is not very far from leaving pastel powder marks on paper.  To generate a 3d print I first create a model in a 3d software, it is also drawing, yet drawing in 3d.  This first layer of drawing before it becomes a physical object is like my pencil drawing before it becomes pastel.  
The concept of drawing in my work is an entanglement.   It weaves itself through all the aforementioned media: from a completely erased pencil drawing to a limited color palette pastel, to a 3d model, to a 3d print.  Sometimes pastels come first and the 3d print follows, sometimes the object is first and the drawing follows.  Every step of the process informs the other.  I work back and forth bouncing ideas of the classical media with the more technologically innovative processes. 

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