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Nail Fetish & Drawing Room Annex - the back gallery

Updated: Mar 15, 2020

I saw a bunch of nails, nailed in and out of the surfaces. Some of the nails were simply glued onto canvas, rusted and neatly organized into a circle or a shape. I kept on thinking to myself that I probably don't have as much bullshit in my work that this guy has in his. Nails (human ones, just the cleanliness cuts) collected into a flask. Anywho, much ado about a symbol which wanted to be taken a bit further... (Tom Seligman was a curator, now retired, at the Cantor Center in Stanford, that's a big deal!) Here are a few photos from the show (may one judge for oneself):

On the brighter side, my work along with a number of other artists (nice group show) was placed in the back gallery. Renee DeCarlo had done an outstanding job of curating and hanging the work! Here are a few snaps of that:

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