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30 murals / Salesforce Tower / Transbay Terminal park

[Transbay terminal is an elevated bridge-like four story structure of function, which has it's third level as an open to the sky park. It is truly, wonderful. Its first and second levels function for the buses to arrive and depart, and for the passengers to board and off-board. Both functional levels are filled with obvious and seamlessly integrated technology and art. As an architect in me, I see great function and pleasant experiences for both passengers and work personnel. This blog however is not about architecture and funciton, it is about the art.]


Down below on the pedestrian level where future uses for retail, restaurants etc. are designated, where there are storefronts built, there is some magic that happened. The intermittent time of between the end of construction, red ribbon cutting and new tenants' move-in there were called-in 30 artists who created 30 murals on the storefronts (thanks to ArtSpan for making it all happen). My photos here, do not cover every mural, though I tried to do my best playing a tourist. My understanding that these murals are temporary, and some may already be gone since I took these photos on August 16th, 2018. Here they are for your enjoyment and pleasure.


Third level is a park with various urbanistically treated follies to be found. Pure pleasure and relaxation amid newly built skyline.

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