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'PATTERN LANGUAGE' - title of the show

aVENUE, 33361 Mission st., San Francisco

exhibition: 'PATTERN LANGUAGE', Apr. 30, 2017 - July 24, 2017 // opening reception: June 4, 3-5pm

When we think of patterns, the first image that comes to mind is most definitely something man-made and repetitive, something that follows a certain strict logic and therefore is easy to predict. At the same time, nature has its own patterns: frost on a window, waves and ripples, intricate wings of a butterfly. They are much more fragile and subject to variation.

Elvira Dayel’s works combine rigid control and extreme attention to detail and an easy feel of something created by the nature itself: water drops, falling leaves, flowers releasing pollen. She explores the idea of a pattern as something self-standing and visually stimulating, but at the same time not repetitive or predicable. Dayel meticulously, sometimes for months, refines every pattern. The process itself becomes just as important as the final outcome. Such deliberation and loyalty to the selected visual method pays off: these imaginary worlds suck you in and don’t let go for days.

PD-LCP0015.02 - FLOOD
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