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House of Helmet: Art in Motion

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

discover a complete collection of helmets here:

I'm happy to introduce this month's interviewee, a Parisian native, a French national, Najette Derni, who founded the avant garde gallery titled House of Helmet. Najette's vision is dedicated to marrying the motor-bike full face helmet & fine art. Helmets produced by the gallery are of limited edition, and are created with the use of homologated paints. As one of the contributing creators for the gallery, I am excited to shine some light on the House of Helmet's philosophy, approach and vision in the interview, below. Please, let us know what your thoughts and questions are in the comments section (you do need to sign-up & log-in to do so). 


Elvira Dayel (E.D.): The motorcycle culture always has a very special place in each society, what can be said about it in the European / French culture. Then how may it be expanded or discussed within the culture of gender, cool factor, levels of safety, levels of danger, belonging to a certain group...

House of Helmet: The Motorcycle culture has expanded globally with major aficionados based in Europe and America, it's represented in all the class of the society, ages and genders with and significant increase of women riders. So many groups are sharing the same passion of riding.

House of Helmet is highlighting a different angle of the primary function, associating the helmet to Artworks from Creators for Art collectors, and giving a second life to Art Helmets out of its 5 year lifespan.

E.D.: Art gallery dedicated to an artifact of the helmet is somewhat unusual.  Of course, habitually, when we think of a motorbike helmet, it us typically graphics which has the maker's logo or solid colors.  why is it important to have art on the gear?

HoH: The Modern Art Gallery House of Helmet is granting multidisciplinary Creators traveling globally through their experimental, digital, mural to more traditional Art. By showcasing Art in Motion, I could not find any better media to illustrate their Vision than a Helmet.

In Tribal Arts, the representation of objects go beyond it's daily use with its spiritual use, its meaning, the collector history. The idea of associating Art to the helmet is a unifying way to shift our spirit.

E.D.: Motorcycle culture has always shown certain dare-devil design on its merchandise.  In light of this,, how does the H of H changing this cultural view of what's acceptable?

HoH: The motorcycle culture goes from vintage classic bikes to new generations of riders.

House of Helmet choose to focus more on the identity of the riders, underneath the armor, another way to embrace the diversity and get to understand each other.

E.D.: How did House of Helmet started? Where did the idea come from?

HoH: The idea of collaborations came while I was managing a business and I noticed how the dynamic completely changed after I replaced the employees by bringing together an international team: we had successful results and our team spirit was lifted which automatically benefit our customers!

In 2019, I chose to get back to motorcycle field to apply it (in 2013, I was prototyping leather helmets). Diversity and Inclusion speak to me not only on a professional level but also on a personal one. Born in France, I lived in countries with contrasted cultures and beliefs (India, Morocco, Israel, Cyprus, ...) and my friends are from all around the globe. This is always stimulating to learn about different perspectives!

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