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Updated: Oct 9, 2020

solo exhibit of my work, gets a nice write-up in San Mateo Daily Journal, and inspires a poem by Larry Kistler! I cannot be happier and more proud.

Larry Kistler's poem as it was was inspired by my work, it also shares a title with the exhibition.

In the Wrinkle of the Crankle

L. Kistler 8/1/2020

In the Wrinkle of the Crankle

Sat the muckle Angle form

Pretending to be other,

So rather not the norm.

“Shhh...”, said the Angle

“I promise not to share

Your spankle secret...

To stopple them to stare.”

“O Thank You”,

Said the Crankle.

“It’s all so very fine

Of you to help preserve

My very secret Line.”

The other Forms demurely staid

All quiet in their Frames

And so the Crankle’s Wrinkle

Was never cause for blames.

images of work as it is installed in "The Wrinkle of the Crankle"

what:  i n   t h e   w r i n k l e   o f   t h e   c r a n k l e

where:  Caldwell  Gallery.  400 County Center, Redwood City, 94063

when:  exhibit is on view Friday, 20`07`03 through Thursday, 20`10`29  ...  [gallery hours: M-F 9a-4:30p]

event calendar:

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