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  • Elvira Dayel

SOMArts, The Ramp Gallery

'In search of clarity. Trip to New York' - title of the show

In preparation of the art for the display & install at The Ramp Gallery I made two process drawing / paper-cut pieces 30" x 137" hexaptych, 'High Line' & 30" x 22" 'Little Climber'. It's been taking about 4 months to create the drawing to prepare it for cutting. These paper cuts are quite labor intensive, besides this time I wanted to give them a little more color and so I experimented with tempera paint on glassine paper. You can see the color streaks of paint lurking from behind the artwork. I loved the liquid nature of tempera and once applied it made glassine wrinkle which created a much desired tension between the precisely cut white paper & its background. Does this combination bring unexpected perspective or depth into the work with the economy of means. As always I like clarity and therefore I try to use as little as possible to get an idea across. These drawings are about a journey to an actual geographical place. This place, called High Line in New York, felt magical & it took me to a place in my mind which feels very specific & real, and yet it's a created one. It's the landscape of discovery & yet every element is fully designed, every vista is pre-determined. However, my mind is at piece when I'm there, it makes me feel good yet conflicted & disconnected. glass guardrails help with the blurring & loss of a sense of boundary; we are above ground, levitating somewhere far in the architectural vision, in the city cloud!

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