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'deep at the surface', works/San Jose [part III]

Updated: Mar 15, 2020

There were three art films done as part of the exhibition of the 'deep at the surface.' The films are by Yuriy Pestov. Yuriy filmed, directed & produced the films.

In retrospect, the show was pretty awesome. I heard the words 'successful' etc. We managed to have a closing reception with the artist talk and invited a guest curator, Philip Beweley, to moderate the conversation. There are a few photos of the show's as it was installed.

synopsis + idea for this group show is in part I & II of this blog and could be found here:!deep-at-the-surface-worksSan-Jose/c1c0a/575720ea0cf2cc77abfb5e47

Here, in this blog I wanted to say special thanks to Joe Miller for helping with everything every step of the way!

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