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  • Elvira Dayel

state-wide art contest / group exhibition Triton Art Museum, Santa Clara, California

exhibiting one piece at the Triton Art Museum - a cut paper Process Drawing PD0015.02 - FLOOD.

Creating paper-cut art was inspired by intrinsic simplicity of the medium. It is the bare material of paper which is simply cut. Play between the positive and the negative spaces create the piece. Pieces presented in the exhibit are part of a larger exploration which belongs to the so-called process drawing category. This work is generated through many layers and iterations of the computer drawing and hand drawing. The back and forth eventually results in the actual paper cut. These process drawings are labor intensive, I may spend a few months on one large scale piece. The work is about created and imagined landscape, cellular organization, and movement. There is imaginary vegetation and patterned spatial constructs, they are elemental and discontinuous.

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