• Elvira Dayel

3d printed sculpture / art - online review of a few artists artwork including mine


Experience of creating sculpture digitally is quite different from any physical interaction with the material. Being in the virtual world of the 3d software presents the artist with endless possibilities where there are no material limitations. Innovation through information modeling is exciting. Additive process of the 3d printing manufacturing provocative because things are literally made out dust (powder); material used in the process is called nylon, or polyamid, it is, philosophically speaking, mesmerizing, and every time I think or discuss this with other artists or collectors, it brings a smile to my face and theirs. It is still a very experimental field.

I use Shapeways.com for all my 3d printing.

Drawing is my medium of choice and I regard digitally generated sculpture to be in the same realm as hand drawing. Philosophically they are both drawings and done by hand where one is immediate, the other - is facilitated through the intermediary medium of the digital modeling software. Technically they are both powder based. Historically I am bringing them closer together every time I make more work and explore their relationship.

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