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  • Elvira Dayel

PATTERN LANGUAGE @ Dzine gallery

Elvira Dayel is a multidisciplinary artist working in both traditional and new media including contemporary drawing in soft pastel, digital rendering and 3D printing. A native of Ukraine now living in the United States, Dayel is influenced by the Russian Avant Garde, Russian Constructivism, and Suprematism. Dayel combines these influences with a unique 21st century voice. Dayel’s hand-cut paper works that she calls “process drawings” are produced in a lengthy process that includes virtual modeling, rendering in 3D software, and printing on paper to create a stencil that is finally transferred to heavy weight paper and then hand cut. Dayel’s work has been featured in numerous exhibitions including the Marietta/Cobb Museum of Art in Atlanta, the Long Beach Island Foundation for the Arts and Sciences, the Maturango Museum Art Gallery, and the N.A.W.A Gallery in New York.

Creating paper-cut art was inspired by intrinsic simplicity of the medium. It is the bare material of paper which is simply cut. Play between the positive and the negative spaces create the piece. Pieces presented in the exhibit are part of a larger exploration which belongs to the so-called process drawing category. This work is generated through many layers and iterations of the computer drawing and hand drawing. The back and forth eventually results in the actual paper cut. These process drawings are labor intensive, I may spend a few months on one large scale piece. The work is about created and imagined landscape, cellular organization, and movement. There is imaginary vegetation and patterned spatial constructs, they are elemental and discontinuous. Sometimes there is a figure, most of the time it is a female figure, everything in her world is fluid, unstable, momentary.

Love patterns hate repetition.

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