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sandra lee gallery / [downtown] / 251 Post st. SF

group, jurried show; / REAL SURREAL /

Real Surreal - is a great title for the show. The art "space" within which a lot of us - modern, conceptual, abstraction - loving, while respecting representation at the same time, surrealists currently find ourseselves. This exhibit is so timely, it shows us something we already know and that is there are quite a few surrealists. My work, by the way, occupies this same realm. viewing the world through a ______ (each surrealist to fill in their own blank) with a distinct touch of reality.

artist: Vann Ngyuen

painting, mixed media

CURATOR for this show, also a critic & a writer: DeWitt Chen

artist: Victoria May

title: Study in convulsion #3 distended

medium: Sculpture

artist: Amy Guidry

title: survival of the fittest

medium: acrylic on canvas

artist: Jamey Brzezinski

title: Lap Pool

medium: acrylic on canvas

This piece was one of my favorites because of the water rings in the lap pool. It looks like an architectural rendering detail of the plan. All arhitectural renderings are a quick look into the future. Being an architect is like being a magican, because you know what the future will look like.

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