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andrea swartz gallery / [soma] / 545 4th st. SF

Patrick Dintino - artist; / SPEED OF LIGHT /

Gallery's press says this: "in this new body of work, Patrick Dintino explores the human fascination with speed. Dintino considers everything from rush hour traffic to high-speed broadband and how these events and tools shape the rhythm of our lives. He believes that the fluctuations of time and speed drive the pulse of everyday life, as we accelerate around obstacles toward our goals."

My take: On the periphery of my vision where storefronts, street lights & my moving through the night in a fast car there is only blend & blur. Blur that is captured into an ever changing vertical strips of color some are narrow some are wider. Canvases are longitudinal, fast, in fact, so fast that sound seems to disappear leaving only visual noise & blur. The work creates soundproof connection, which, despite of the desired visualization of movement the paintings create a silent time still.

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