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In the times like these, when we all struggle for air, making art, is my oxygen.  It's the breathing medium in which to exist.  Life throws curve-balls & poses questions which my art-making tries to address, without ever fully answering them.  It points me in a direction, gives a thread to follow.  In my work constructed reality is a fantasy into which my viewer is invited to enter.  

2020 has been an interesting year for the world.  Here in Cali, while sheltering in place due to covid-19 epidemic, incessant California wildfires started raging earlier than their usual season.  Fires burnt more land & forests than ever before in the recorded history of the state.  They pushed dwellers out of their homes, razed through wildlife, polluted air.  Air pollution was so great that we shall always remember that Wednesday morning in September - its surreal gravely heavy orange color provided depth only seen in the cinematic Hollywood productions.  I was one of many artists who captured the apocalyptic atmosphere in their art.  Orange Wednesday “inspired” the artwork “I’ve become comfortably numb.”  Women are rendered to be ephemerally dressed in air.  background is a heavy setting for the barely present four human female bodies.


  • 2020

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