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Jewelry - a combination of Art & Fashion (by our guest blogger, John Adams)

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Jewelry is a prominent aspect of fashion, which makes it a means of defining one’s persona, similar to putting together an outfit. Jewelry is also a work of art that tells a story. Our clothes, hairstyle, and makeup say a lot about our personality, as well as our mood. We constantly express ourselves with the things we wear and the way we carry ourselves. Modern jewelry is versatile, which encourages us to stand out and make a statement with what we choose. Jewelry accentuates the outfit, and allows us to be creative in many ways.

Almost every piece of jewelry we own is unique by its color, texture, and design. Some of them might be priceless family heirlooms that have a place in our estate planning documents. They are transferred from generation to generation for their high emotional and economic value, similar to any other priceless art. Jewelry is also perceived as the safest gift for a woman, or perhaps a token to win her heart.

Expensive rings and other jewelry items embedding precious stones are often used to commemorate important events of a lifetime. Whether one is proposing, celebrating an anniversary, or hoping to sweep a partner off their feet, jewelry stores never disappoint. Jewelry items made from rare gems can cost a fortune, which makes them all the more susceptible to theft; for this reason, many people prefer to wear artificial jewelry in public.

Glamour and Wealth

Nothing flaunts riches and extravagance like gold. White and yellow gold are both highly valuable elements, which is why the elite crowd loves to display jewelry made out of them. Gold works well with luxurious attire, regardless of color, fabric, and design. If you want others to know that you are a VIP, a shiny gold necklace or bracelet might do the trick. Gold jewelry accentuated with valuable gemstones, such as rubies, emeralds, or a pink diamond is the height of prosperity.

Elegance and Sophistication

Heavy and excessively ornate jewelry is not for everybody. The majority of today’s youth prefers articles that are delicate and discreet. Something lightweight and refined, which complements the rest of the outfit, is appropriate. It could be a subtle chain around the neck, a thin bangle, a slender wristwatch, and a pair of tiny stud earrings. While each item does not stand out on its own, it adds detail and character to the person’s demeanor.

Edgy or Goth

A necklace with spikes, a lacy choker, big sparkly dangling earrings, or an elaborate ring with a skull on it are perfect examples of jewelry preferred by individuals from an edgy or Goth community. Abstract metallic jewelry is unconventional, but we love it. The creative and artsy ones among us are particularly fond of pieces that are funky and daring. Edgy jewelry is a hit on runways and it works for both formal and informal occasions. The unorthodox designs grab attention and make a bold statement on their own. It’s comparable to abstract art – not everybody gets it, but it is phenomenal in the eyes of those with a rich imagination.

Inspired by Nature

The abundance of jewelry styles in the market allows everyone to find something that complements their unique artistic sense. Colorful floral themed jewelry is always trending for its jovial fairytale vibe. Flora was the first raw material used by our ancestors to make wearable decorative items. People used to wear flowers in their hair and make necklaces or bracelets out of leaves and blossoms; hence, it is no wonder that a whole lot of modern jewelry takes inspiration from them. Ring heads or pendants carved in the shape of roses are simply beautiful. Many modern jewelry items are inspired by birds, insects and animals adored by human beings.

Author Bio

John Adams is a lifestyle blogger who creates content focused on food, art, and fashion. He believes that a creative mind, chic wardrobe, and well-crafted meals are the secrets to a happy life. He cannot stress enough that looking good and eating good translates to feeling good.

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Oct 20, 2022

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