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helping UA - humanitarian help for the people of Ukraine

Shocking as it was the war in Ukraine came to be true. For months and months putin lied to everyone while building up forces of the war-ready troops to invade Ukraine and on February 24th, 2022 the country was awoken to the sounds of explosions and destruction by the missiles fired at them by the russian army. As a tight community of ukrainian and russian-speaking friends we attended protests against the war, participated in fundraisers and sent help, however, it felt like it was far from enough to help the displaced and those who were in the hottest spots of the military action. Thus, was formed.


We are a group of professionals, musicians, artists, and friends, who love Ukraine. We have traveled and lived in Ukraine. We have family and friends in Ukraine. We were amazed and humbled by the amount of donations and support being provided through large NGOs, which are doing a great job with necessities like food, shelter, and helping refugees when they cross the border. At the same time, large NGOs have processes, overhead, and bureaucracy, which often result in delays in delivering goods inside Ukraine when and where they are needed most. We saw a unique opportunity and wanted to help!


We have a growing list of over 60 organizations in Ukraine. We are calling each one of them directly and asking them exactly what they need so we can make targeted deliveries without wasting money on storing non-essential goods. supplies are being collected in California and then flown to Europe to be delivered to Lviv, Ukraine. In Lviv local volunteers deliver goods directly to organizations throughout Ukraine.

Please, consider supporting our efforts, follow these links to learn more:

Currently we have 4 warehouse centers where we collect donations, they are here:

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