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art for Ukraine // hearts for Ukraine @ FOG

Today Far Out Gallery (FOG) is hosting an opening reception for eight artists for the month-long exhibition. This is a very special exhibition in that it is allowing to exhibit Ukrainian refugee artists (who managed to escape the war) in the group with the Ukrainian - American artists. Along with other artists I was invited to participate in the group exhibition in support of Ukraine where the gallery and participating artists will be donating their proceeds to our local non-profit in support of Ukraine. Hearts for Ukraine ( is the Bay Area non-profit organization which is working hard since the war in Ukraine began, the foundation has helped and continues to help very many organizations there. Please, join us in the month of May at the FOG gallery & support our dedication.

participating artists are: Vitaliy Pryzant, Ganna Prymakova, Elvira Dayel, Anne Marguerite Herbst, SA Kushinka, Nataliya Pryzant, Margarita Soyfertis, Gregory Vernitsky FAR OUT GALLERY [ F O G ] - group exhibition 3004 Taraval / at 40th Avenue / San Francisco, 94116 . . . . Instagram @faroutgallery opening reception, today, May 6th, 12 - 6pm 2023`05`06 - 05`29 proceeds from art sale are going to be donated to

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