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are you in the market for a motorcycle helmet?

Updated: Oct 19

Najette Derni, owns and runs a company, House of Helmet, which adorns motorcycle helmets with art from artists. I am excited to start working with them in this year of 2020.



The Avant-Garde Art Gallery for Helmet creates "texture mapped" graphics as it is inspired by one of my paper-cut pieces, titled "Got-cha."

As the helmet is painted by a professional painter, the certificate of authenticity is signed by the artist. Each design is available in a limited edition of fifty pieces numbered on the following full face models: AGV  X 3000 ARAI Concept X BELL Bullitt SHOEI Glamster

As mentioned above, the design is reproduced by a professional painter who uses homologated paints. House of Helmet offers free shipping worldwide (please, allow one month for painting and delivery.). In concept House of Helmet is the first Art Gallery dedicated to the art of helmets, which has the vocation to collaborate with recognized and emerging artists from different countries, artists who differ ethnically, in gender, etc. These artists are brought together through the symbol of a unifying pillar of the Art Helmets. An Artist = A Vision + A Helmet. There are a number of world countries represented by the gallery, such as: Australia, Belgium, Germany, India, Italy, Mexico, Morocco, Russia, South Africa, Spain, UK, USA… Check the website to see the growing Art Helmet Collection from the Avant-Garde Art Gallery House of Helmet!

it is an exciting collaboration!

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