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gallery paule anglim / [downtown] / 14 Geary st. SF

DEAN SMITH - artist;

(At the show there also was a collection of the ceramic sculpture with some technique of the salt frosting and raku firing..., i'm not fond of it, so i'm just going to omit it all together).

Paintings by Dean Smith, all the way from 1990's, I felt they were not even a little bit dated. Their depth and layers, fibrous growth, and stable consistency, paintings seem like a benign, proliferating ogranic formation, which always somehow has a center and the edge. Concervative, consistent, it bears a "solid" seal of approval of a being a proper abstract work since it demonstrates a complete removal of the artistic gesture and authorship - it bears none. With an exception, of course, of the author being the sole inventor of his painting technique... I think I got myself into my own trap.

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